All You Need to Know About British Alternative Rock

Over the years there have been many British people/bands involved in the alternative genre. Some of them made it to the mainstream, some of them maybe not so much. Mainstream or not, there has been some kick ass music as a result.  Some bands teetered on the edge of different musical genres, as has been the case with many bands pretty much since the beginning of alternative. In the UK, instead of the term alternative they generally use indie. In the US, the term is primarily alternative.

There are a couple of bands that some may or may not consider to be the first real notable Brit bands of alternative. First I must mention The Cure. They might be considered more goth to some, but they were thrown into the alternative genre. There is also The Smiths,which when they broke up the singer Morrissey had a successful solo career. Sometime shortly after that came the ever popular James.

Let’s not forget the bands New Order, The Stone Roses, and Lush. They also made an impact on the alternative scene. Around the same time as the sub genre grunge was at its peak, a few bands came out of England hoping to stop the grunge movement.  There was one band however that became known as the British version of alternative grunge rock. This band was Bush.

This brings us to the bands that made quite possibly the biggest impressions on the alternative genre for their time. Here are the five top British bands of that time.

  1. Blur
  2. Oasis
  3. Radiohead
  4. Suede
  5. Pulp

There are many many more British bands that have made an impact on the alternative genre, past as well as present. Here is a list of some of my favorites that I have not yet mentioned.

  1. Razorlight
  2. Kaiser Chiefs
  3. Supergrass
  4. Catherine Wheel
  5. Placebo
  6. Coldplay
  7. Keane

As an honorable mention, I would just like to say that David Bowie also rocks. He may not be considered to be a part of alternative, but he collaborated with many alternative bands such as NIN and has added his own two cents into this genre.


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