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You want to know how your application is doing unless I want to talk about some of the services I’ve heard that maybe some of our services as editors I’ve heard that maybe there’s a lot of clients customers here but if not you know we do a lot of admissions documents as well as research papers so so we what we handle is we do grammatical stylistic and organizational issues than there any more than first two right the organization is kind of like we don’t know we don’t want to change your paper or your document drastically so that’s kind of upon you we but what we do is we give lots of comments and explain the revisions that we made we try to suggest further and revisions and we also ask critical questions so you can think about you know you may want to consider it to do this or is this what you need so an unaccompanied. Get to know how to do revisions of your own essay on Robotdon.

Actually that are this business we ask a lot of questions more than other end of it – I think that’s kind of valuable – to writers we use track changes to show that all the edits and plans our customers are allowed to personally ask their editor questions about the revision so you get one chance maybe previous services there but you but you have a chance to follow up so it’s not like here’s your final edit and it’s all over you I’ve had many people ask me a question and ask me to change something appreciate basically is kind of scary because it looks like everything is wrong but really it’s not so the yellow is my my highlighting I didn’t do this edit is very old but uh but I just want to look at it the statement of purpose in what the student did compared to the sample 1 we know that so they’ve taken a little different approach right for each purpose is the thing you know you want to do with it’s more like a storybook beginning right they talk about.

I was frightened of animal experience so they go way back that’s their hook so they have it we see this more often we see either this sort of style and SOPs or people just say I want to apply at your University so either one you kind of want to make it stand out you don’t want it to be just someone reading is a hundred a thousand of these too so that’s a highlight of being open to new experiences and overcoming my fears has made me realize this subject is my passion so they’ve already focused on the motivations using transition terms currently previously let’s kind of let’s the reader they don’t know you right so they only have seen this much lets them know where you are in the essay and where you’re are in your life what do you worry where are these events fitting in recently.


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