Here’s How to Promote the Newest Alternative Music

There were tons of music I was fortunate enough to get to listen to that was emailed to me over the course of the last year since I started this blog. I also want to thank the essay checker service for help with my blog posts. People were sending me everything from rap to country.  I appreciate everything you guys sent, even if it isn’t in the alternative genre.  So again, thanks to all that sent me music!

Now to get down to business.  There are two bands I received mail from that you could say caught my ear.  After to listening to some of their stuff I just knew I needed to talk about them.

Neon Trees is a band that has been around for a couple of years.  They were well known in their local area of  Provo, UT  until late in ‘08. Around then they opened for The Killers on their tour a few times.  After having been exposed to the nation, they were signed to a major label and have been shooting upwards since!  Their recent single Animal  is great, they have this sort of retro vibe which is very refreshing.

Their new album Habits is now out.  It is loaded with great songs, my personal favorite would probably be 1983.  Neon Trees is  currently touring and opening for the band 30 Seconds to Mars.  If you get some time check them out!

Semi Precious Weapons is the other band I want to talk about.  The band is from NYC, and they have been around since 2006.  They have their own style of music which works rather well.  What can I say about these guys?  They might possibly have the best lyrics in a song that I’ve ever heard.

Their self titled song  Semi Precious Weapons is just amazing.  The first few seconds of the song I was waiting for some Robert Palmer ladies to show up playing their guitars.  It had that kind of vibe with the music.  Then Justin Tranter opened his mouth and started belting out lyrics.  Let’s just say they had me with the first line.  “I can’t pay my rent but I’m (insert naughty word here) gorgeous!”  The rest of the song is just as witty as the first line.


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