What Can You Say About Alternative Rock Chicks?

Throughout the years there have been many females that have graced the alternative genre with their presence. Some have made a name for themselves in solo careers, while others have shined ever so brightly through their bands. Each one has their very own unique sound, whatever their role may be. There are plenty of girls that play instruments in alternative, and many that sing as well. Kudos to all the ladies rocking out in the alternative scene!

Since I am a lover of most things lyrical, I’ll be talking about some female singers. Some of these women are also skilled in various instruments, but for me it is their voice that makes their music so awesome.

I would have to say that my absolute all time favorite alternative female artist is Sarah McLachlan.  

In my opinion Sarah has the voice of an angel, with the sometimes attitude of a devil…a very powerful mix.  There isn’t a song that she sings that doesn’t move me in some way or another.

A couple women are sort of known for being “pioneers”  of females in alternative music.  These ladies are from the earlier on years of alternative, which was predominantly male at the time.  One of the first chicks of alternative would be Natalie Merchant.  She was the front woman for a band called 10,000 Maniacs.  Natalie could sing with the best of them, and definitely was an influence for many artists to come.  Another of these “pioneers” would have to be Dolores O’Riordan ,who was the front woman for the group The Cranberries.  Dolores has many talents instrument wise, but her voice is phenomenal.

Here is a short list of a few other women that I find to be awesomely talented singers.

  1. Tori Amos
  2. Fiona Apple
  3. PJ Harvey
  4. Bjork
  5. Hayley Williams from Paramore
  6. Hope Sandoval from the band Mazzy Star
  7. Liz Phair

Now I need to note one important thing. Many women of music in general sometimes find it offensive to be singled out based on the sole fact that they are indeed female. Men and women alike both work equally hard to get to where they have been/are currently in their careers.It is however true that there are a lot more dudes than chicks out there in the alternative scene. This is my way of recognizing and applauding the beautiful music that these ladies have shared with us.


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